Welcome to Ningbo, China – A vibrant city with business in mind


I have just arrived to Ningbo in China, located 200 km south of Shanghai, with a population of 7 600 000(2010). It’s a grey city with a vibrant business climate. On the 8 lane streets you can see new BMW 745, Audi S8, MB S-class. When you look on the sidewalk you can see old carriages, people selling vegetables and butchering meat in the open air. If you raise the view you can see newly built apartment complexes 20 stories high. The neighbor is some slum buildings and an old metal workshop. It feels like (some) people are moving with an enormous speed from poverty in to the life of a millionaire. What is behind this force of entrepreneurship and development? That is the mission for the next month to find some answers to that question.


(These two pictures are taken from the exact same spot.)



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