The venturer


Name: Erik Wallin
Age: 28
Location of birth: Born and raised in Vara Sweden.
Education: Bachelor of Business Development and entrepreneurship (Växjö University) and a Master of Science in Management(Gothenburg University).
Current occupation: Project manager in business development and entrepreneurship at Drivhuset, University West, Sweden. Also the founder of The Startup Adventure.

Want to know more? Here you have ten quick questions!

1st Number of celebrated birthdays - 7
2nd Zodiac - pisces
3rd Length - 1.93
4th PC vs. Mac - PC
5th Best skill - I am a good listener
6th Worst skill - can be way too diplomatic
7th Do you believe in anything? - I believe, that what you believe, becomes what you believe
8th What did you want to be when you grew up? - A chef on a spaceship
9th Like - Adventures
10th Don’t like - Jellyfish

The idea

I have for some time been thinking of a personal project. It has now opened a door, when the project within Drivhuset has come to an end. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity and do something valuable.

It feels like Sweden and the entire Western world is trying to figure out how we as a society can be able to continue to develop at least at the same pace as we have done until today. I have been thinking a lot of this particular issue. My mother always said; you cannot help everyone, but you can help them in your proximity with the skills you are good at. Therefore, I have decided to contribute in my own way, with the skills I’m good at. I’ve always been curious about the development and about how different people think. This has resulted in that I studied and worked with entrepreneurship over the past seven years. During these years I have come in contact with people from different parts of the world. I have realized that there are places in the world where development is flourishing. To find out more about these places, I have sought out those who are world leaders in helping new companies to grow strong. During these six months, I will visit these six locations to learn their way of working. The knowledge and experience that I collect, I want to share with all of you who (just like me) are interested in how we can continue to have a strong development in our society.

From the 1 Jan 2013 I have taken a leave of absence for six months and also terminate the rental agreement for my apartment.

The Startup Adventure can begin!

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