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It’s possible… in India

In south west India there is a state named Kerala. In this green and beautiful state there is something special going on. Entrepreneurs are starting more businesses than ever before. In Kerala people are living a good life, there is a high quality education system and people are used to a healthy lifestyle.  Furthermore it’s…

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Reading articles about the development in Nairobi, Kenya.

Preparing tomorrows first visit at the Nailab incubator by reading interesting articles This article is about a huge project where they are building a new city outside Nairobi. The city will have full focus on entrepreneurship and creating new companies. http://eastafricabusiness.ning.com/profiles/blogs/africa-s-silicon-valley-to-be-initiated-in-nairobi-konza-city   This one is about Nailabs founder, Sam Gichuru http://edgie.een.nl/2012/11/modern-heroes-1/   This is a Swedish…

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Create value from nothing – How can we do just that?

My colleague Dominika sent me an e-mail today with a funny story. The story, which you can see in this blog post, is a good example of how you can create a value without having anything. The example in the story down below it might not be the best in a moral perspective. But if…

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