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We make this possible – to you, the brave ones!

Today I want to bring the spotlight back to all the amazing people who are making this project come true. The people who have been brave enough to believe in The Startup Adventure from the beginning are the people who risk the most. But it’s also the people who I will care for and remember…

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I’m too busy, to be busy. – The risk of being “too” busy.

People are busy, very busy. So busy they can’t find time for meetings in the next month. Okay, let’s face the fact, it’s a lot to do and there is more to come. But in this storm of things we all are in, we have to find space. Steve Jobs wrote about Zen culture in…

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Create value from nothing – How can we do just that?

My colleague Dominika sent me an e-mail today with a funny story. The story, which you can see in this blog post, is a good example of how you can create a value without having anything. The example in the story down below it might not be the best in a moral perspective. But if…

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