The destinations


I´m still negotiating with all the incubators and will publish the exact destinations as soon as I get the official agreement. If you have any connections that might be helpful to hurry up the process please feel free to e-mail me and help me out.

Destination 1

Country: Kenya
City: – Nairobi
Incubator: - Nailab -

Destination 2

Country: India
City: – Trivandrum
Incubator: Technopark –

Destination 3

Country: China
City: – Ningbo 
Incubator: – Ningbo University Science Park –

Destination 4

Country: New Zealand
City: – Auckland
Incubator: -

Destination 5

Country: Brazil
City: - São Leopoldo
Incubator: – Tecnosinos -

Destination 6

Country: U.S.
City: -
Incubator: -


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