The mission


Here I’m explaining the full project. The vision, the mission, the purpose and the plan to get it all done.

The project

This is a unique project within the area of business growth and development. The project focuses on how to stimulate business growth in different parts of the world. There are many components in this project structure that is unique. The project idea came from many pieces developed over time. The project is based on these phenomena; social entrepreneurship, crowd sourcing, crowd funding and knowledge sharing. But the two key stones to make the project come true is a good idea and great people.

The vision

Make the world grow.

The mission

Collect and share knowledge with the world in the field of entrepreneurship and business development. The mission is to share and collect knowledge about the incubation processes and the culture in and around some of the best incubators in the world. The mission starts in January 2013 and the journey will last for a period of  six months, researching one incubator one month at a time.

What is a business incubator?

 Business incubator is a term for a facility where they focus on making business grow faster.” Read more about business incubators at wikipedia.

The purpose

The purpose is to gather knowledge about the culture in the incubator, about the culture in the area surrounding the incubator, about the incubation process and about the results of the incubators. The method that will be used is interviews, surveys and observations of the entrepreneurs and the employees.

The second purpose is to share the knowledge to incubators, municipalities, organizations and companies who is working with developing an environment for business growth.

The samples

High performing incubators in different continents all over the world.

The plan

The plan is to study every incubator for one month and at the same time to share knowledge about the Swedish perspective on the incubation process. The chosen incubators are located in Kenya, India, China, New Zealand, Brazil and the U.S. The incubators will be visited and researched in that order.

After all the visits and research is done I will share the full documentation with all the incubators involved in the project.

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