The to-do list


There is a number of things I’ll need and things i need to fix before, during and after my adventure… The list is long and always growing. Maybe there is something that you lend, give or help me out with?

  • What places to visit?
  • A cool logo!
  • Some cool photos
  • A really awsome video about the project
  • A website
  • Somewhere to sleep in India, and at all the other destinations.
  • Contact with the CEO of a successful incubator in  Silicon valley
  • Contact with the CEO of a successful incubator in  China
  • Find new ways to spread the word about the project
  • Develop the research method for the project
  • Find potential larger funders and strategic partners
  • Find information about visa applications for the countries i will visit
  • Find out about vaccination I will need  (Thank you Kaisa! =) )
  • Find out about insurances for these kind of journeys




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