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The Startup Adventure is a concrete and visually rich benchmarking of successful and innovative methods of stimulating and encouraging entrepreneurism. This book provides people who are interested in this field with several practical examples of proven working methods from around the world. With the help of entrepreneurs, politicians and incubators in six different countries on five continents, Erik Wallin thoroughly analyzes one central question:

How do we create the right conditions that will allow entrepreneurs to succeed?

In this book, Erik presents the results of his study, while also addressing the following questions:

  • What motivates entrepreneurs in Kenya?
  • How do they put together successful teams in India?
  • How are future entrepreneurs recruited in China?
  • How do they optimize the learning curve for startups on New Zealand?
  • What brand support do they provide entrepreneurs with in Brazil?
  • How do they create the right environment for entrepreneurism in Silicon Valley?

How can you implement these methods and insights in your company, your municipality, your incubator, your country, or even your life?

Come join me on this adventure around the world as we learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurship.

Download a sample of the book (English).

Download a sample of the book (Swedish).


by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, creator of the Business Model Canvas, and SISP, Swedish Incubators & Science Park, and many more. Participating incubators in the research was a few of the leading business incubators in the world. To mention a few: The Ice House on New Zealand on Forbes Magazine’s list of the 12 incubators changing the world, Technopark in India, appointed by the Asian Association of Business Incubators for Asia’s best incubator and Black Box in Silicon Valley, partner of Google.


The english version of The Startup Adventure will be published spring 2017.
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The book is already published in an exclusive limited edition in Swedish. To be sure to get your Swedish copy, you can order the book today at


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An insight into the six worlds of entrepreneurship

In the lecture, Erik Wallin gives a unique insight into how leading business incubators in six countries working to stimulate entrepreneurship. Based on the material in the book The Startup Adventure presents you the result of over 70 interviews with entrepreneurs and employees of incubators in Kenya, India, China, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA (Silicon Valley).

How do you create your project in order to travel the world and study the leaders in your area?

In this lecture Erik Wallin share insights about how the project The Startup Adventure was founded. Details are explained about how the idea was formed, how to launch a successful Crowdfunding campaign, why six very different incubators finally agreed to participate in the project and how the work during six intense months around the Earth was carried out.


Erik Wallin

My whole life I’ve been curious. It is a curiosity that has led to meetings with many interesting people and to many exciting places around the world. The curiosity has taken an increasingly focused path, and I have found interest in the phenomenon of the driving force in people who start and develop businesses. Since the late teenage years, I have tried my curiosity by starting businesses and started to understand what it takes to run a business. The interest in businesses leads to a bachelor’s degree in business development at Linnaeus University. This gave me a greater curiosity about leadership that made me choose to study for a Master’s degree at the University of Gothenburg in Management.

After I was done with the studies I worked with startups. My work involved both the practical perspective, where I have conducted more than 200 coaching sessions to assist entrepreneurs with their businesses, as well as a more theoretical perspective in the form of arranging and deliver training courses for entrepreneurs. I have always worked to find new tools, methods and theories to be a leader in the service and knowledge we offer entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is an interest that also fills most of my spare time; I read a lot of books on the topic and am constantly involved in new projects. The search for best practices and tools has made me even more curious about how others are working on the same issues. How can we stimulate entrepreneurship and business growth?


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